Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where do Green Banana Paper products come from?

Our products are manufactured from recycled banana trunks, which grow abundantly all around our island in Kosrae, Micronesia.  Banana trees produce fruit once and die.  Usually, farmers must cut down the trunk and leave it.  Now, they earn extra income by selling the trunks to us.  Our skilled team then process the trunks ethically and sustainably without causing harm to the environment or people.

2.  What part of the tree is harvested?

The whole tree is harvested and utilized.  Delicious bananas for eating.  Leafs for organic composting. Trunk for fibers used to weave and make into paper.

3.  Banana fiber? Is that from the banana peel?

It's not the banana peel my friend!  Banana fiber is found within the large stalk.  It gives strength to the banana tree so it can hold up those heavy bananas!  Banana fibers are strong and beautiful, and have been used for thousands of years throughout the islands in rope making and weaving.

4.  What happens when it gets WET?  How DURABLE is it?

Banana fiber is naturally water resistant, and we add a thin coat of wax on the outside to protect against sweat, spills or rain. If it gets wet, just let it dry and all is well!

Additionally, banana fiber is highly fire and tear-resistant.  With normal daily use and periodically reapplying wax or any other water repellant, this wallet will last you a long time!  

Did we mention it's recyclable?

5.  How does it FEEL like? It's fiber, is it like cloth?

The wallets are cut from beautiful thick handmade banana fiber paper.  A close look reveals how the long lustrous fibers crisscross and inter-link together.  The texture is very smooth, natural and organic.

6.  Are Green Banana Paper products GREEN?

Oh yes, they are!  Did you know banana trees produce fruit just once and MUST be cut down to make room for new trees to grow?  This creates a lot of organic waste and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.  

Green Banana Paper has recycled over 150,000 pounds of banana trees since November 2014.  Banana trees are rapidly renewable, growing 15 to 20 feet in height over just 12 months!  Reproduction is exponential, as each tree produces 2 to 4 new shoots from its base.

Throughout our production process, we use only one chemical - soda ash - which is needed when boiling down fibers for making strong and long-lasting paper.  The boiled water drains into our grey-water tank which neutralizes the pH before entering the ground.  We do not use bleach in any part of the process.

7.  Are Green Banana Paper products SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE?

Green Banana Paper is a waste to wealth project.  We have developed relationships with over 75 farmers on our island.  We buy the 'waste' from the community, thereby spreading extra revenue to local families that helps with the ever-rising costs of food and necessities.

We also support 16 full-time local employees who operate our fiber extraction, paper making and finished product assembly.  On our island, there are less than 1500 jobs and most of those are in government.  We are doing all this to help by creating responsible, eco-friendly and world-class products from sustainable natural resources.

8.  Are your products suitable for VEGANS?

Yes, all of our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  They are 100% animal-free. No animal products are used and no tests are made to animals.  

They are also 100% tree-free!  We use only rapidly-renewable fibers from recycled agricultural waste.

9.  Can the wallets be cleaned?

Sure.  Banana fiber is stain and water resistant and just needs to be cleaned with a damp soft cloth and air dried.

10.  I'm looking for a UNIQUE gift. Is it ONE-OF-A-KIND?

Yes, all of our products certainly are a one-of-a-kind gift.  When you get our products, their natural beauty is sure to attract constant compliments and questions from others.  You'll probably get TIRED of explaining that it comes from banana trees on this beautiful island in Micronesia!

11.  I purchased it today, when will I receive it?

Please check out our SHIPPING FAQ page for details.

12.  Do you have social media accounts?

Yes, we'd love to be friends with you!  We're all about sharing photos and videos of our island and factory.  We also love to cross-promote and collaborate with other businesses and artists too!  We're on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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